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Websites hosted at TeAwamutu.net

(This is not a complete list—if you'd like to be included here please contact us.)

General Interest Groups
Camera Club
Contract Bridge Club
Embroidery Group
Rose Society

Schools & Education
Parawera School
Pekerau School
Pokuru School

Service Organisations
Citizens Advice Bureau
Kainga Aroha Community House
Rotary Club - Kihikihi
Music, Art, Literature & History
TALOS (Light Operatic Society)
Little Theatre
Te Awamutu Brass
Health & Support Groups
La Leche League
Parents Centre
St Andrews Presbyterian
St Johns Anglican
Kihikihi Waikato Eventing Inc
Ngaroto Boating Club
Te Awamutu Kayakers
Te Awamutu Soccer Club
Te Awamutu Sports & Recreation
Te Awamutu International Taekwon-Do Club
General Interest
"Evolution in the Christian Universe"
3D New Zealand
Arawata Street Market