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About the club

Lake Ngaroto has been a popular sailing venue since the 1950s. The clubooms were opened in 1967 and there is secure boat storage.

Originally the club catered for motorboats and sail but a lake bylaw now prevents the use of motorboats (apart from patrol boats) on the lake and only sail and rowing or kayaks are permitted on the lake. This ruling makes for an ideal (quiet) environment for yachties to enjoy a days sail or paddle.

Ngaroto is small relative to Rotorua or Taupo, but a course leg of over 1 km is possible when the wind blows from the northwest. The lake is an ideal venue for both centreboard and trailer yacht racing.


Ngaroto Sailing Clubs mission statement is:

To provide an enjoyable and safe sailing environment for members and visitors.
Where skills can be improved in an atmosphere of friendly competition.
And to maintain the clubs reputation for convivial hosting and a family environment.

We welcome everybody who would like to participate, a good portion of new members are new to the sport.  Ngaroto is a great environment in which to learn to sail.  Valuable help and advice is available from club members in a relatively safe and sheltered lake environment. Many of those who have moved on to keeler ownership will claim they learnt to sail on Ngaroto. Many also return to the lake because of its central location making a days sailing easy to achieve.

There is a full calendar from September to April with the Christmas break free. 

Ngaroto Sailing Club

Postal address:
PO Box 188
Te Awamutu
New Zealand

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