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NZ 'A' and 'B' FOLIO'S

We are currently conducting New Zealand folio's 'A' and 'B' that may include digital images or Film Slides or Stereo Cards.
NZ 'A' is for general stereo work. NZ 'B' is a themed folio.
The folio's include a USB stick for digital entries. A typical mailing circuit takes about 4-5 months.
When the folio is received, members submit a new entry of images and removes their prior entry from the last round.
Comments are recorded relating to the entries and a notebook is also kept for general correspondence.

Once the folios arrive, Digital entries will be displayed and replaced on this page. It is going to be great.
It won't be long before it comes around.


There are two parts to this new folio. One with NZ entries and one with UK entries.
It is sent around New Zealand by post to contributing members and then sent on via the internet to the United Kingdom for their viewing and commenting. The folio then does its round of the United Kingdom before being sent on via the internet to New Zealand for ongoing viewing and comments.

The folio is on it's maiden round with the following NZSS members contributing:
1 Carl Watson. 2 Steve Parker. 3 Marc Dawson. 4 Eric Scanlen. 5 Warren Curran. 6 Duncan Jones. 7 Max Pow.

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