NEWS 2013.

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Our November 13 meeting was hosted by Judy Fentress on Saturday November 30 2013. We revised our folio rules and the Society Constitution. If you'd like to come to a meeting, introduce yourself to our secretary.

New Zealand Stereoscopic Society 2013 AGM.

A smaller than usual group turned up for the AGM.
Right: Warren Curran with Judy Fentress and Max Pow getting a stereo view while aligning stereo pairs on a laptop prior to projection.

Warren, Judy and Max

John Wattie, Dave, Warren Curran, Max Pow and Dave Bell settle in before the show.
We viewed two ISU folios and members slides.
John, Dave, Warren, Max and Dave

Eric Scanlen projected film slides of various orchids including fingernail sized varieties found in his back yard.

A 3-D movie 'Dylans 1st Birthday' by Marc Dawson was played. This was the first time that the society had viewed a members movie via polarised projection.
We also saw two Sky TV promo's.

Right:The Scanlens Projection room. Dave Bell takes us on a mountain hike.

The Scanlens lounge

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