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Although only twelve of our members have been active participants this year our local and overseas folios have functioned as usual with some interesting contributions from our members. The card folio has gone into recess as there were only three members taking part in the last round. Hopefully those members who have belonged in the past and maybe some new ones will decide to restart this folio. It would be great if some more of our members were able to join some of the overseas folios. Talk to John Calcott about it.
Our thanks to John Calcott for managing all the overseas fo ios and being such a dedicated secretary. Thanks to Carl Watson for looking after the NZA and B folios and for arranging the Lou Smaus Memorial folio to be circulated in just New Zealand instead of it becoming defunct because of the dwindling American members. Anyone else who would like to join this folio should contact Carl.
At our last A.G.M. we viewed the I.S.U. folio with contributions from ten other clubs. Some of these clubs are in Slovenia, Austria and France, countries with which we have no other folio contacts so it made for enjoyable viewing. This folio should be in New Zealand again in the not too distant future so start selecting two or three slides to offer for the next round.
Thanks must go to Max Pow for his projection work at our meetings. We do appreciate all the trouble he goes to in transporting his equipmen to our venues. Max has drawn up a register of members details and hopefully he will update it after the A.G.M. If there have been any changes in your details e.g. postal codes,don't forget to let Max know. Thank you Max in anticipation.
Another person who keeps the Society on the straight and narrow is Jack Parker, our treasurer. Thanks Jack for your work.
At our A.G.M. it was interesting to hear that Duncan Jones had done the artwork for the promotion of the 3D programme on TV3, "The Medium". Pity the reception was spoiled by poor quality glasses. Poor viewing deters people from wanting to find out more about 3D. Both John Wattie and Marc Dawson have web sites that are bringing 3D to the notice of a wider audience. Congratulations to these three members.
All going well, Rex and I will be attending the "Australian National Stereo Convention" in April. The "Southern Cross International Exhibition" will be projected there and for the first time there will be a Digital section. We are looking forward to the comparison between slides and electronic images.
Special thanks to Lenva and John Calcott for hosting our A.G.M. and to Judy and Dave Fentress for having us at their home for our November meeting.
John Calcott has already sent the Society's condolences to Carl Watson on the death of his mother, but I would like to say that I'm sure all members will have happy memories of her from when they have been at meetings at Carl and Diana's.
Thank you to all our members for your slides, your encouragement and your company at our meetings. Continue to enjoy the taking and viewing of stereoscopic photography.

Christina Julian 14 March, 2007.

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