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NZSS 2012 President’s Report

Our club meets twice a year; I wish to thank Carl and Diana Watson for looking after us when we met for the AGM at their place in March 2011, and Judy and Dave Fentress for the November meeting and all those supplying food for our potluck dinners – it was most enjoyable.

Now there are two people that I must thank, our secretary John Calcott, who has been dedicating his time for years to the smooth running of the Society and Jack Parker who has over the years kept us financially sound in looking after the books.

We have two folios that do the NZ rounds, folio A and folio B. These include a digital memory stick allowing digital images to be included; each does about 2 – 3 circuits a year. The club is also involved with the ISU CODE folio where each international club provides 10 images twice a year, the compiled CODE folio is shown at our meetings; here I must thank Duncan Jones for supplying the wonderful title for our entries, which is different each time – I have received several emails praising the titles and wondering how they were produced. Thanks also go to those supplying images for the various folios and especially the CODE folio. The photos everyone takes are marvellous long may they continue.
We also receive folios from overseas including three folios that go between us and Australia. Two of these now have a USB memory stick allowing digital images to be included. I believe that for digital images we should consider going to 1920x1080 resolution so as to cater for 3D, HDTVs that are now available and at least two members have.

More members now have digital 3D cameras than a year ago so we are now adjusting to the new technology. Stereo PhotoMaker is here as it is a wonderful piece of free software for adjusting and aligning stereo images to various formats.

There are now two 3D digital cameras available although only the Fuji W3 can be purchased here as the Panasonic DMC-3D1 camera is only available in America and Japan. The most popular is Fuji W3 although the Panasonic DMC-3D1 camera with 30mm lens spacing seems ideal for portraiture and other close subjects. 3D Video is now possible and even ordinary cameras can take video including 3D cameras, so these are interesting times.

I did not go to the ISU last year and instead Anne Sarten went, it being held in Holland and came back with a 3D movie camera so we should have some interesting screenings ahead.

My term is up and so at this AGM we will need to select a new President and I wish this person well and continued support from us all.

Max Pow - 19 March 2012

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