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NZSS President's Report 2014

Presidentís report 2014 I have just made a motel booking for our family trip to Whakatane. To my shame, in all my years as a member I havenít attended any meetings at Carlís house so it will be a new experience for me. Itís a fair distance to travel so Iím making a mini holiday of it. Takako, Kaito and I will be staying at Ohope beach. My family regularly stayed there (at Ď7 Dwarfsí) when I was a child so I have fond memories of Ohope and Whakatane.

The main order of business since the last AGM has been the attempt at a tidy up of the societyís Regulations and Constitution. At a meeting at Maxí house in September last year a rough draft for both was arrived at. Further correspondence between members during the year was followed up by a Special meeting at Judyís house in November to discuss and ratify the alterations.
Also at Novemberís meeting Johnís resignation as club secretary was confirmed as was Jackís resignation as Treasurer. Thank you both for the work youíve put into these rolls over the years, and thank you Judy for taking them on.

The demise of the UK/NZ folio at the beginning of this year, after 25 years, was unfortunate but from itís ashes comes a new digital folio - NZ/UK D1 - Thank you so much Max for this initiative, and itís great that so many members have signed up to contribute to this.
Digital in the form of a USB stick is coexisting with film in a few of the folios in circulation, and it can make the folio look daunting - a reminder, donít feel that you have to contribute to both, choose the film or the digital component, do both only if youíve got the time.

The end of a film folio is unfortunate because many of our most treasured images were taken in that format. Itís great therefore when members are able to scan their film images. I very much enjoy viewing images from the 60ís and 70ís - and older, when New Zealand and the world looked a lot different - these are often my favourite shots and itís great we can continue to enjoy them. As Iíve said before I still prefer an old fashioned film viewer to any digital viewing method because of itís ease of use and because itís immersive. Thereís some hope for me though on the horizon, a couple of manufacturers will soon be introducing mobile phones with 2k and 4k screens (i.e. ridiculously high resolution) which can be popped into handheld 3D viewers - the Hasbro MY3D viewerís been around a while, but check out too the Sanwa viewer and the Poppy (which also turns your phone into a 3D camera). These viewers combined with super high resolution screens may be a good solution for me. What Iím really waiting for though is the Oculus Rift. Although designed for immersive gaming, this headset will soon be ubiquitous - okay Iím speculating - but itís going to be huge - and it should also be an ideal way to view 3D images. Having tried one, I canít wait to get my hands on one of my own so that I can experiment with it!

See you all soon at Carlís place.
Duncan Jones. 6 March 2014

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