Te Awamutu Alive

Te Awamutu Alive

Te Awamutu Alive is a voluntary committee tasked with promoting the Te Awamutu district and organising events for local people to enjoy. The committees' current and previous projects include:

In addition, Te Awamutu Alive co-ordinates and assists with a wide range of other activities and promotions.

If you would like to contact Te Awamutu Alive, you can do so via the i-SITE Information Centre.

Following is an excerpt form a report to Waipa District Council Policy Committee, 25 September 2001. It outlines the structure and function of the Te Awamutu Alive committee.


MOTTO: Innovate, Celebrate, Motivate


Within Te Awamutu and the surrounding districts are many opportunities for encouraging increased economic and social benefit for the community at large. The natural environment, quality infrastructure, strong traditions, vibrant and diverse leisure options and partnerships combined with innovation and adequate resources all contribute to a strong basis for promotional opportunities and community betterment.
Te Awamutu Alive is a volunteer group of diverse community representatives, facilitating promotion of Te Awamutu township and surrounding areas.


Te Awamutu Alive will help strengthen and promote Te Awamutu and surrounding districts by fostering community events, activities, ideas and pride through:

Objectives of Te Awamutu Alive:

  1. To help foster local pride and participation in town and district activities / events.
  2. To enhance local activities / events with ideas and action to attract out of town visitors.
  3. To develop and enhance existing themes.
  4. To generate and support new promotional ideas and suggestions.
  5. Encourage new / key business establishment in Te Awamutu and area.
  6. To support local / partner organisations with promotions / events that incorporate some or all of the above.


  1. Develop broad town / district promotion strategy to include short / medium and long-term goals incorporating existing themes and approved new ideas.
  2. Increase visitor numbers both for overnight stay and participation and attendance at local events.
  3. Strengthen and develop existing themes to increase community participation.
  4. Cultivate proposals / funding schemes to support objectives.
  5. To co-ordinate, facilitate and generate promotional initiatives, ideas and activity that individually or collectively support the advancement of Te Awamutu and surrounding areas, both in the quality of lifestyle as well as the growth of the town’s economic base.